What We Do

IACUC 101™ presents courses designed to provide Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee members, administrators, veterinarians, animal care staff, researchers, regulatory personnel, compliance officers, and others with information on the role and responsibilities of IACUCs and an understanding of federal policies and regulations governing the care and use of animals in research and education.

IACUC 101™ presents a comprehensive overview of the laws, regulations and policies that govern the humane care and use of research animals. Didactic sessions, supplemented with examples and approaches for successful and effective program implementation and administration, are followed by an opportunity to deliberate several challenging IACUC scenarios using information presented during the didactic sessions. Students receive an extensive Resource Manual and CD specifically prepared for their IACUC 101™ course.

In some instances, an IACUC 101™ is designed for a particular audience, e.g., scientists, or offered in conjunction with a professional meeting.