What is IACUC 101™ Series?

IACUC 101™ Series is a nonprofit organization that presents educational programs to promote understanding of federal laws, regulations and policies governing the care and use of animals in research and education, and the roles and responsibilities of individuals in institutional animal care and use programs. IACUC is an acronym for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

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IACUC 101™ Series was originally conceived and developed by four members of the Applied Research Ethics National Association, or ARENA, -Mary Lou James, Monte Matthews, Molly Greene and Marky Pitts.


IACUC 101™ offers course presentations and comprehensive overviews of laws, regulations and policies that govern the humane care and use of research animals.


The IACUC 101™, 201 and 301 programs rely on a host institution or organization to commit time and personnel to the set-up and delivery of the program.

*All IACUC 101™ programs include representatives from NIH OLAW, USDA Animal Care and AAALAC International.

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